Anna Prats Bachiller


Peking University (LSE-PKU)

Anna Prats Bachiller, a recent graduate of the BA in Global Studies programme and a current student in the double MSc Programme in International Affairs (LSE-PKU), has a keen insight into the contemporary and forthcoming challenges our society faces. Having lived in Spain, France, Germany, Canada, and currently China, Anna has cultivated a deep appreciation for diverse cultures, underscoring the significance of dialogue and cooperation.

In her professional journey, Anna served as an intern for the Government of Catalonia, focusing on fostering foreign direct investment within the region. Her role was to support the sub-section overseeing Southeast Asia, providing relevant support for the visits of Chinese companies and aiding in the coordination of a network of 40 international offices. This role involved promoting cross-departmental cooperation and managing the reporting system.

These experiences have significantly deepened Anna’s passion for economics and its application in potentially contributing to society, particularly with a regional focus on Sino-European relations. Beginning in April 2024, she is a trainee at the Centre for EU-Asia Connectivity (CEAC).