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Career development, internships, and alumni networks are essential components of any successful career path. Discover different industries and jobs, find out about how to get experience, and where jobs are advertised.

In today’s competitive job market, finding suitable internship opportunities and establishing connections with other peers and professionals can make all the difference in securing the right job and achieving long-term success. Internships offer valuable hands-on experience, exposure to new industries, and the chance to network with other experts in the field. And they offer a reservoir of young talents and high-potentials for recruiters. Likewise, alumni networks serve as a valuable resource for both recent graduates and established professionals by providing access to job postings, mentorship opportunities, and a community that can offer guidance and support.

CEAC Talent

The internship programme offers

In addition to academic knowledge, practical experience is increasingly important. CEAC, as a European-Asian hub, wishes to offer the opportunity to students to easily access information for internships and entry-level jobs. 

CEAC offers internship opportunities to apply and expand the skills acquired during your studies in a dynamic and international working environment and contributes to a research agenda dealing with EU-Asia affairs and European Studies.

What does CEAC Talent offer?

  • Become part of a dynamic and dedicated research team 
  • Contribute to independent and critical research on political, security, and economic developments in East Asia and the European Union
  • Apply your conceptual knowledge and engage in preparing presentation, visual, and multimedia materials
  • Familiarise yourself with the steps involved in developing a research project, from initial motivating ideas to project design and implementation of activities
  • Expand the skills you have acquired during your studies, by conducting research based on English and Chinese/Japanese/Korean primary and secondary sources
  • Engage in various research projects with an intercultural team, which will allow you to develop the necessary cross-cultural understanding required for any career containing an international element
  • Expand your communication skills and teamwork skills, both of which are fundamental for you to succeed in any work environment
  • Develop your expertise in event planning and implementation by assisting our team in implementing events, communication, and dissemination activities 

Looking for internship opportunities?

Are you looking for internship opportunities in Europe and Asia? Have a look here!

The job market can be competitive, but that does not mean you will not get the internship you are looking for.

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Internship opportunities in Brussels

Europe-Asia Center (EAC) is looking for interns to support our research and events activities in the field of international relations and dialogue between Europe and Asia. The focus countries of our organisation include China, Japan, Vietnam, and India. 

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Looking for interns?

Are you looking for a student who, for a short period of time, contributes to a project or to research at your organization?

Companies or recruiters can post internships, entry-level jobs, or career events free of charge on CEAC’s portal. One of the Centre’s foremost priorities is to support students to find career opportunities. The aim is to provide trainee opportunities for students in both private and public sectors in Europe and Asia.

Why hire a student?

A RUB student doing an internship or graduation project with you can be of great value to your organisation. Interns not only bring a new and fresh perspective on things, they also give you access to recent academic knowledge. Besides this, an internship allows you to find out if a student fits within the culture of your organisation if you are considering offering them a job after their internship.

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CEAC Alumni Network

The CEAC Alumni Network’s (CAN) purpose is to bring together current, B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. students from RUB Faculty of East Asian Studies, as well as CEAC talent programme students, to enable interactions between professionals and students.

CAN aims to become a hub, where young professionals, just starting their careers, find sources of information and contacts, and can make use of the opportunity to meet and exchange information with established professionals. With this aim, several events are organised during the academic year bringing together alumni and current students.


CEAC talent programme kicked off in September 2020. Since then, a total of 20 students from different countries have taken part in this programme. It offers internship opportunities for RUB students but also welcomes talented international students in a dynamic and international working environment. CEAC Talent fosters international exchange as a way to broaden the horizons and cultural understanding of every intern participating in this programme.

CEAC Talents gather on campus for the annual Alumni Reunion

After over two years of virtual meetings, our alumni finally met in person at the Faculty of East Asian Studies (OAW), in the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) campus, for their first annual CEAC Alumni Reunion on Tuesday, 6 December (2022). Read more.

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