CEAC’s team is multicultural, cross-generational, and interdisciplinary

CEAC’s researchers convey their complementary, interdisciplinary, and multicultural expertise into the scientific work, impact, and implementation. With this aim, CEAC’s team consists of Asian and European researchers coming from different academic disciplines and career stages. In addition, to an academic Advisory Board, which currently comprises six distinguished senior scholars.

CEAC's Team

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Management Board


Des. Ilker Gündoğan

Affiliate Researcher
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Research Fellow at ESSCA School of Management

Academic Advisory Board



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CEAC offers an enriching multicultural and interdisciplinary work environment with lifelong learning and professional development opportunities.

Opportunities exist in the areas of research, as well as communication and dissemination of academic work. If your interests and area of expertise align with those of CEAC’s and you would like to join our team, do not hesitate to apply.

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