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Centre for EU-Asia Connectivity (CEAC), Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Centre supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU

The Centre for EU-Asia Connectivity (CEAC) generates critical academic analysis in order to enhance a differentiated and strategic understanding of EU-Asia affairs and the factors that strengthen and inhibit connectivity within and between the two regions. The Centre contributes to research and teaching in the areas of EU studies and EU-Asia relations in a globalised and yet increasingly fragmented world economy. It approaches the understanding of EU-Asia affairs and the role of connectivity from an interdisciplinary perspective.

CEAC stimulates academic debates on conceptualising and analysing connectivity-related challenges and opportunities for the EU’s role in a rapidly changing global environment. At the same time, the Centre facilitates cooperation between relevant stakeholders at the local, regional, and global levels, and functions as a communication platform with public outreach.


CEAC's Background
CEAC's Purpose

General Objectives

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Competitive and Prestigious Award


In February 2022, the Department of International Political Economy of East-Asia, Faculty of East Asian Studies, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, received a grant to establish a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. The highly competitive and prestigious award is funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme, which promotes the study and understanding of the European Union, both in its internal and external dimensions. In 2022, the Centre for EU-Asia Connectivity (CEAC) was the only Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence newly established in Germany.

CEAC contributes to a differentiated and more strategic understanding of EU-Asia relations, as well as of the factors that strengthen and inhibit connectivity. The Centre facilitates the development of sustainable connections within, between and beyond Europe and Asia through four pillars: research, teaching, network, and communication. CEAC generates and advances state-of-the-art knowledge by addressing opportunities and main challenges faced by the EU and its citizens in a rapidly changing international environment.


Research Projects
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Milestones in our history


First Jean Monnet Chair awarded to Prof. Dr.
Sebastian Bersick. Project: "The International
Political Economy of EU-Asia Relations"
(IPEEAR) (2016-2019)


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Bersick and Ms Mireia Paulo M.A. became part of the research team of the Jean-Monnet Network on Strategies for Promoting Europe-Asia Connectivity (SPEAC) (2019-2022)


Second Jean Monnet Chair awarded to Prof.
Dr. Sebastian Bersick. Expansion of the team:
included Ms Mireia Paulo as lecturer. Project:
"Connecting Europe and Asia: People, Power
and Policies" (CEAPPP) (2020-2023)


Launch of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Centre for EU-Aisa Connectivity (CEAC)

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