European Guanxi Strengthens Board of Advisors

From July 2023, Mrs. Mireia Paulo and Mr. Matthias Stepan joined the European Guanxi’s Board of Advisors


The European Guanxi is a non-profit organization formed by passionate European students and professionals dedicated to enhancing China-Europe relations. Their core objective is to establish a robust network of young European professionals, scholars, and students, influencing all facets of the EU-China relationship. Central to the European Guanxi’s ethos are values of mutual understanding, trust, and cooperation, aiming to shape EU-China relations based on these principles. This involves facilitating connections among youth engaged in EU-China affairs, providing a platform for their voices, and enabling discussions on this important relationship.

Through member participation and dialogues with external entities, the European Guanxi seeks to enrich mutual perceptions between China and Europe, contributing to a well-informed direction for EU-China relations. This initiative presents an opportunity to comprehend China’s complexities and work towards a more unified European perspective.​ 


⇒ The European Guanxi is actively searching for young talents who share a genuine interest in fostering understanding and cooperation. Read more to join them here.