L 'Asie Centrale au Carrefour des Grandes Puissances

March 12,  2024 


Johanna Rust participated in the colloquium “L’Asie Centrale au Carrefour des Grandes Puissances” in Paris on March 12, 2024.

The “Colloque: L´Asie centrale au carrefour des grandes puissances“, organised by the Institut EGA in Paris and co-funded by the Ministry of Armed Forces of Frances (DGRIS) took place on March 12, 2024 in Paris.

Young experts came together to share their views on Central Asia from various perspectives ranging from Afghanistan, and the European Union to China and Korea. It was structured in three blocks: first, on multilateralism in Central Asia, second on influences and soft power in Central Asia and lastly on water, environment, and security in Central Asia. Contributions ranged from Sino-Afghan relations under the regime of the Taliban, the consolidation of the Organization of the Turkic States, and Sino-Kazakh cooperation with the case study on Khorgos and others.

Johanna Rust’s presentation provided valuable insights into the topic of “Connectivity within Multilateralism or Parallelism in the Central Asian Region – the European Union and the People’s Republic of China.” Participants from several universities, parliamentarians, and members of the Ministry of Armed Forces joined the colloquium and vivid discussions. 


About the event: