Prof. Song Visits CEAC at RUB to Explore Academic Cooperation

In a step towards enhancing academic cooperation, Prof. Lilei SONG from Tongji University, Shanghai, visited the Centre for EU-Asia Connectivity (CEAC), Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB).

This visit follows the earlier trip in late March 2024, when eleven delegates, including the president of Tongji University, visited Ruhr University Bochum to extend and expand cooperation in the fields of mechanical engineering and civil and environmental engineering.

Prof. Song, Director of the Center for European Studies at Tongji University, emphasised the historical and ongoing focus of Tongji University on European and German studies. Founded in 1907, Tongji University has a rich tradition of European cooperation, beginning with the establishment of the German Medicine School. This tradition continues today through the Institute for German and European Studies.

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Prof. Song highlighted the purpose of her visit as exploring further academic cooperation opportunities. “The meeting and discussions with CEAC’s members provides a great opportunity to promote academic exchange between our institutions,” she stated. “We aim to enhance cooperation in teaching and research for faculty and students alike.” She underscored the potential for student exchange programmes, noting that Tongji University offers European students the opportunity to study in Shanghai for one semester or a full year. 

In conclusion, Prof. Song’s visit to CEAC at RUB promises to enhance student exchange programme and research opportunities, fostering a deeper understanding and stronger ties between the two institutions.