The Centre for EU-Asia Connectivity (CEAC) and University of Macerata (UniMC) in Italy announce partnership

June, 2023

The China Center, Department of Law, University of Macerata (UniMC), Italy, represented by its Rector, Prof. John Francis Mccourt, and the Cente for EU-Asia Connectivity, Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), Germany, represented by its Rector, Prof. Dr. Martin Paul, forged a significant partnership through the establishment of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This collaboration aligns with the internationalization strategies of both institutions and their commitment to academic excellence.

UniMC, on the one hand, boasts a distinguished history in Chinese studies and has a strong record of collaboration with prominent academic institutions and scholars in China. On the other hand, RUB stands as one of Germany’s premier research universities, renowned for its expertise in East Asian studies, EU-Asia relations, interdisciplinary research, and global engagement activities. Recognising their shared strengths and objectives, UniMC and RUB have united to enhance the reach and influence of systematic analyses of China in Europe.

The primary goal of this MoU is to foster an evidence-based perspective within European academic institutions and among decision-makers, scholars, and students. By pooling their resources and expertise, the institutions aim to contribute significantly to informed and comprehensive understanding of China’s impact and influence in Europe.

Central to the partnership is the Centre for EU-Asia Connectivity (CEAC), which strives to facilitate reciprocal exchange of scientific resources, knowledge, personnel, and academic and teaching activities. The success of such collaborations hinges upon the alignment of interests and strengths between the partnering institutions, ensuring a mutually beneficial and robust academic exchange.

CEAC’s strategic approach to nurturing exceptional partnerships and networks emphasizes its long-term vision in promoting synergistic and sustainable effects in mutual exchanges. This collaboration stands as a clear CEAC’s commitment to enhancing connectivity and fostering people-to-people exchanges between Europe and Asia, further promoting intra-regional interactions.

As this MoU sets the foundation for joint initiatives and academic endeavors, UniMC and RUB envision a future of robust scholarly collaborations, impactful research, and an enriched educational experience for their respective communities. By uniting their expertise, these institutions are poised to make substantial contributions to the field of Chinese studies, EU-Asia relations, and evidence-based policymaking in Europe. The partnership’s broader implications extend beyond academic realms, with the potential to strengthen cultural ties and diplomatic relations between Europe and Asia. As the collaboration unfolds, it is poised to catalyze meaningful cross-cultural exchanges and enhance mutual understanding between the two continents, ushering in a new era of international cooperation and academic excellence.