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China’s Economic Rise in the Balkans

Global interest and competition in the Asia-Indo-Pacific region Start date: November 2023  Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Bahri Yilmaz     Overview The main objective of the


Chinese FDI in European Seaport Infrastructure

Chinese FDI in European Seaport Infrastructure Start date: September 2021 Principal Investigator:  Prof. Dr. Sebastian Bersick Overview The research project focuses on Chinese involvement in


EU – China Sports Diplomacy

EU – China Sports Diplomacy Start date: March 2023 Principal Investigator: Dr. Ilker Gündoğan Overview: After Xi Jinping took office as General Secretary of the


Data Governance

Data Governance Start Date: March 2021 Principal Investigator: Mireia Paulo   Overview: As digitalisation sweeps across economies and societies, governments are developing a deeper understanding

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