Mario Gil Educatiu


Comenius Centre Educatiu

Leveraging his background in film studies at Comenius Centre Educatiu and social media content creation, Mr. Gil now applies his skills at the Centre for EU-Asia Connectivity (CEAC) at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB). There, he plays a key role in crafting a compelling social media presence for the center, focusing on the entire content lifecycle, from planning and scriptwriting to recording and editing engaging social media posts, ensuring the CEAC’s message reaches a broad audience.


Under the Erasmus+ programme, particularly the action “Learning mobility opportunities,” CEAC and Comenius Centre Educatiu established a partnership to broaden the range of internship opportunities available to students, as well as to provide them with the support and guidance necessary to succeed in their chosen fields. 

The Comenius Centre Educatiu is a higher education centre specialised in technical areas, also providing vocational training education. It is located in Valencia, Spain. Among the different programmes they offer are the following: Administrative and Financial (Business), Image, Video, Photography, Sound, as well as Audio-visual and Performances Production.